MC15K Labprime High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge 500~15000rpm 2,3 kg

Revolutionize Your Research — Speed, Safety, and Precision in One!

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    Overview: Accelerate your laboratory workflows with the MC15K Labprime High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge. Designed for speed and safety, this centrifuge features a high-performance motor capable of reaching 15,000 rpm, making it ideal for quick and effective sample processing.

    Key Features:

    • High-Speed Capability: Operates from 500 to 15,000 rpm with a maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 15,080xg, enabling rapid separations.

    • Versatile Tube Accommodation: Includes a 12x1.5/2.0 ml rotor and optional adapters for 0.5 ml and 0.2 ml tubes, catering to diverse laboratory needs.

    • Safety Features: Equipped with an automatic stop function when the lid is opened, overheating protection, and an automatic balance system with lid lock, ensuring secure operations.

    • Efficient Performance: Capable of reaching full speed and stopping within 14 seconds, maximizing throughput and efficiency.

    • Adjustable Timer: Offers a wide range of time settings from 15 seconds to nearly 2 hours, allowing for precise control over centrifugation cycles.

    • LCD Display: Clearly shows rpm or RCF settings, enhancing user interaction and monitoring of the centrifugation process.

    Ideal For: The MC15K Labprime High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge is perfect for research and clinical laboratories needing fast and reliable centrifugation to process various samples efficiently.

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