MPS-20 Labprime Orbital Shaker 50~250rpm orbit 20mm,35 W, 8,2 kg

Shake Up Your Lab — Precision Mixing for Reliable Results!

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    Overview: The MPS-20 Labprime Orbital Shaker is a reliable and efficient tool for mixing samples in various laboratory settings. With precise control and a compact design, it’s perfect for applications requiring gentle to vigorous shaking.

    Key Features:

    • LCD Display: Easy-to-read display for precise speed and time adjustments.

    • Adjustable Speed: Ranges from 50 to 250 rpm, catering to different experimental needs.

    • Optimal Orbit Diameter: 20 mm orbit for effective mixing across a variety of sample types.

    • High Loading Capacity: Supports up to 2.5 kg, making it suitable for multiple samples at once.

    • Maintenance-Free: Equipped with a brushless motor, ensuring long-lasting, hassle-free operation.

    Ideal For: The MPS-20 Labprime Orbital Shaker is ideal for research labs in microbiology, cell culture, and biochemistry where consistent and reliable mixing is essential.

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