MS350-H Labprime Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer RT+5C - 350 C, 200-1600 rpm, 2,6 kg

Heat Up Your Research — Precision and Power in Every Stir!

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    Overview: The Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer is a versatile and powerful tool designed for the rigorous demands of modern laboratories. Whether you're conducting simple mixing or complex experiments requiring precise temperature control, this stirrer is engineered to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

    Key Features:

    • Advanced Temperature Control: Achieve precise heating with a temperature setting range of 0-350°C and a control accuracy of ±1°C at temperatures below 100°C and ±1% at higher temperatures.

    • LCD Display: Equipped with a large LCD screen for easy monitoring of temperature, speed, and operational duration, ensuring optimal control during experiments.

    • Adjustable Speed and Time: Variable speed from 200 to 1600 rpm and a flexible timing option from 1 minute to nearly 100 hours to suit various experimental needs.

    • Durable and Safe: The stirrer features a nanoceramic coated heating plate that is not only resistant to abrasion and corrosion but also ensures a safe and clean operating environment.

    • High Capacity and Efficiency: Capable of stirring up to 3 liters with a powerful 500 Watt engine, this stirrer can handle both small and large volume experiments efficiently.

    • Compact Design: Dimensions of 293x186x107 mm and a lightweight build at 2.6 kg make it an ideal fit for labs with limited space.

    • Stir Bar Compatibility: Designed to accommodate stir bars up to 50mm, perfect for applications requiring strong mixing power.

    Ideal For: This Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer is indispensable for professionals in biotechnology, materials science, and chemical synthesis, where precise temperature and mixing controls are critical for experimental success.

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