PETIT-PET-5000 Three volume variable ease pipette 1500/3000/5000μL 10pcs/unit

Versatile Precision — Reliable Pipetting from 1500 to 5000μL!

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    Overview: The PETIT-PET-5000 Three Volume Variable Ease Pipette offers precise and flexible liquid handling with three adjustable volume settings of 1500μL, 3000μL, and 5000μL. Designed for high-volume accuracy and ease of use, this pipette is ideal for large-scale laboratory applications requiring reliable performance and versatility.

    Key Features:

    Three Adjustable Volumes: Easily switch between 1500μL, 3000μL, and 5000μL settings, providing versatility for different tasks.

    Ergonomic Design: Reduces hand fatigue and enhances comfort during extended use.

    High-Quality Construction: Made with durable materials to withstand rigorous laboratory conditions.

    Easy Operation: Simplifies pipetting with user-friendly volume adjustment.

    Reliable Performance: Ensures accurate and consistent results across different volume settings.

    Pack of 10: Each unit includes 10 pipettes, offering great value for laboratories with high throughput needs.

    Ideal For: The PETIT-PET-5000 Three Volume Variable Ease Pipette is perfect for molecular biology, biochemistry, clinical diagnostics, and any laboratory requiring precise and reliable high-volume liquid handling.

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