[PHTP12] Customized Small Sized Denaturation

Unmatched Precision for Your Lab Needs

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    Product Code : PHTP12

    Optimal Sizes & Quality Material

    Choose between models with 12 lamel capacities (with number indicators) or an extended range of 13-18 lamels (without indicators). Crafted using a special aluminum alloy, the dryer is sized at a convenient 125 x 204 mm, ensuring efficient heating and long-lasting performance.

    Dynamic Temperature Range

    Suitable for a broad range of experiments with a temperature range of +5 °C to +100 °C.

    Rapid Heating

    Our dryer is engineered to achieve your desired temperature swiftly, keeping your research on track.

    Enhanced Safety

    Integrated with an automatic circuit breaker for unforeseen short circuits, ensuring a safe lab environment.

    Consistent Measurements

    Equipped with a PT-100 Sensitive Temperature Detector, our hot plate promises both repeatability and accuracy, crucial for reproducible results.

    Advance Temperature Control

    Featuring PID control for adjustable maximum and minimum temperature settings. An easy controllable temperature input with buttons provides hassle-free adjustments.

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